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Introducing the MNP Portal, a secure application to view your current engagements and upload supporting files, review or pay invoices online, and keep contact information up to date.
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Document Sharing

Transfer and view documents securely for business and tax engagements.

Electronic Invoice Processing

View, receive and pay invoices easily with notifications directly to your email.

Self-serve Profile

Keep your personal and business information with MNP up to date in a couple of clicks.

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Security for your financial and business information

MNP Portal is hosted on a secure cloud computing platform, providing an application with complete data encryption and account monitoring. Access your MNP account with confidence that your personal information is secure and regulatory compliant with added security through multi-factor authentication on login, an industry best practice.

The Portal assures that all client data is kept safe, secure, protected and private, using the latest cutting edge technology

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Learn about the MNP Portal

  • What security features does the MNP Portal have?

    The Client Portal is hosted on Microsoft's Cloud Computing Platform - Azure. Microsoft has invested over one billion dollars in security research and development and has over 3,500 security professionals within their organization. Extensive documentation regarding the platform's security features can be found online and an overview of the available security features can be found below:

    Security Features
    • Multi-Factor Authentication
    • Role Based Permissions
    • Advanced Threat Protection
    • Information Protection and Encryption
    • Password Complexity Rules
    • Account Locking using Progressive Back-off
    Microsoft Security Documentation
  • What browsers are compatible with the MNP Portal?

    The following browsers are compatible with the MNP Portal

    • Chrome
    • Firefox
    • Edge
    • Safari
    • Internet Explorer (not recommended)
  • How difficult is the portal technology to use? How extensive is the training?

    The MNP Portal is easy to use and training is not extensive. Expect to spend about 30 minutes familiarizing yourself with the tool. You can always reach out to your Business Advisor with any questions regarding its use.

  • How do I sign up for the MNP Portal?

    To sign up for the MNP Portal, contact your MNP Business Advisor. MNP supports your security and privacy by requiring that MNP Portal accounts are tied to your contact information in our internal systems.